How do I join the Tattoo class?

To join the Tattoo class you must first be in the Master Class. This will let us see if you are able to cope with the routine that will be taught. The tattoo routine is over 7minutes long and some children find it too much to remember.

Attendance weekly is compulsory. You are not allowed to miss any lessons unless you are on holiday and you must tell us in advance of when you will be away. If you miss classes then your place will be given away.

There is a max number of children that can join this class so if you don't get in this year you may have to wait till next year.

Classes are Tuesday night 8-9pm at Solihull Lodge. The tattoo is usually the last weekend in November and you are required at all rehearsals:

Friday night at the NIA

all day Saturday at the NIA

all day Sunday at the NIA

Costumes are usually around £20-£30 and all children must have black dance shoes or pumps. We can buy tickets for parents at a cheaper rate than they are sold at the NIA but you do not get to choose where you sit.

If you need any more info please ask. Its hard work but lots of fun!