Lyntone School of Dancing

What should my child wear?

For classes

When attending the classes, all children should wear loose fitting clothing - sports wear, jogging trousers, etc are perfect.

We prefer pupils to dance bear foot for freestyle but if they wish to wear shoes then they must be split sole dance shoes. For ballroom and latin pupils are encourage to wear shoes with a sensible sized hear that they are comfortable in.

For exams

For freestyle exams pupils must wear comforable clothing such as sports wear, leggings, jogging bottoms. Tops should not be too baggy as the examiner will need to see middle body work. Hair must be tied back with no loose accessories. No jeans are allowed and no footwear is allowed for freestyle.

For ballroom and latin exams all girls must wear skirts or dresses, trousers are not allowed.


When and where are the classes?

Lyntone School of Dancing holds classes weekly at the following locations :-

Park Hall, Wythall

Grafton Road Community Centre, Solihull Lodge

Moseley Rugby Club, Billsley Common


To find the perfect class for you call Lyn on 0121 447 8451



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